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Blood Type - Simple Way To Lose Weight

A, O, B, AB. All these blood types have foods that can be easily tolerated. There are also foods that should be AVOIDED, that can cause weight gain. A simple way to lose pounds.


When an uncontrolled overgrowth of Candida or other fungi occurs in the intestinal tract, we can get many and sometimes seemingly unrelated symptoms. The most common is heavy bloating, especially after eating. Diarrhoea or constipation may also be part of the picture; frequently these alternate, nausea and acid regurgitation can be present, these symptoms are often referred to as IBS. Often problems like allergies, brain fag, cravings for alcohol, bread or sweet tasting things, depression, eczema, extreme tiredness, lethargy, palpitations, recurrent colds, recurrent cystitis, recurrent oral and vaginal thrush as well as other skin problems, can be present with fungal infections. The most efficient way to diagnose intestinal Candida is a stool analysis in a specialised micro-biological laboratory. The diagnoses are done by a German laboratory, which has many years of experience and performs regular research on the subject. This laboratory will not only identify the exact species of fungus but also investigate if it is a harmless or an invasive kind.

Digestive Problems

Sometimes, reactions to food result from digestive problems, such as a lack of stomach acid or digestive enzymes. These juices are responsible for breaking down our food into small molecules for better absorption and, if they are lacking, indigestion discomfort and bloating may occur. There is a simple test to measure stomach acid.

DIY Test for 15 Foods

New test for 15 foods can be DIY or mail ordered. This small test can be carried out at home. Simple instructions to be followed and within the hour, the results are ready. £55

Elisa 59 Food Test

Instant results for 59 foods! A finger tip lance gives just enough blood to test with ELISA technique. This takes just 40 minutes and is usually part of a Nutritional Consultation. £90

Hair Mineral Analysis

A small hair sample is taken to establish the mineral status of the body - and very importantly measures heavy metal toxicity. Any imbalance can generally be rectified by simple nutritional means with natural products - £40.00

Helicobacter Pylori

Helicobacter pylori antigen: Hp has been discovered to be the cause of stomach ulcers, and can be easily treated.The test is carried out from a simple stool sample.

IBS - Leaky Gut Test

a) Secretoric IgA in the stool (intestinal immune system) b) PNM-Elastase in the stool (inflammation marker) c) Alpha 1 antitrypsine (leaky gut test)

Lactose Intolerance Gene Test

The genetic cause for lactose intolerance has only recently been discovered. A swab inside the cheek collects the epithelial cells, which when tested, determines the amount of lactase the body produces. A much gentler way than a provocation meal with reactions that can be severe. £79

Menopause Test

A reliable urine test to determine whether you have had your last period and reached the post menopause stage - A fast and reliable procedure, first result within 10 minutes. £25

Parasite Test

Infections with parasites can be very difficult to diagnose, as these infections can go without clear symptoms for years. Some patients, however, can have very severe symptoms. The test may be applicable for patients who present some of the following symptoms * persistent diarrhoea or alternating diarrhoea and constipation * attacks of sweating or feeling cold * fever * colic like pains * hunger attacks which alternate with times of no appetite * persistent cough * weight loss * anal itching * anaemia * symptoms following foreign travel For a long time parasites seemed to be a problem of the past or occasionally found in foreign countries. Recently, however, it is clear that parasites have made a come back. Certainly holidays in countries, where hygiene is not as sophisticated as the UK, are positively contributing to a higher infection rate. People can infect themselves with parasites when eating contaminated meat or fish. Flies, for example, can carry worm eggs onto food. Protozoa, for example, can be found in salad which has been washed in contaminated water. Animal faeces can be another infection source.


Food & Environmental Intolerance Testing - No needles! with Caroline Warren. Over 150 food and environmental substances are tested for intolerance and sensitivity. Testing against chemicals naturally occurring in foods and if indicated testing against other symptoms - £45 for 45m to 1 hour and £35 for children.

Well Woman - Well Man

WELL WOMAN: Cholesterol, Diabetes, Osteoporosis Bone Scan and H-Pylori The cost is £80 (or £130 including ECG) saving 20%. WELL MAN - ECG, Cholesterol, Diabetes. PSA for prostate cancer and H Pylori £110 (or £150 to include Bone Scan) Any combination of four or more tests will be subject to a 20% reduction off total individual test rates. The MOT Tests will need a 40-minute appointment.

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